How to Thrive in Parenthood

Enjoying my role
Enjoying my role

After recently sharing another bloggers post on a similar subject line which received mixed feedback, I decided to write my own post on this topic.

I believe being a good mummy has a whole lot more to do with your heart than always getting it right. However excelling in motherhood, this is something we can actually help ourselves out in by doing certain things to make life a little easier.

Just like in any job role there are always tips on how to do things in the best and most effective way, motherhood is no different. So here’s my thoughts, ten top tips to help us all thrive in motherhood:

  1. Cut yourself some slack. Seriously! Motherhood is hard! You will never be a perfect mum so stop trying to attain to it. Allow yourself grace when you make mistakes or do things that didn’t match up to your ‘wanting to be perfect’ standards, and enjoy the journey!
  2. Take advice from more experienced mums. I have one particular friend that I will nearly always go to when I need advice. She’s been there before with older children and has helped me countless times when we have reached new, challenging stages. No mother has all the answers so stop expecting yourself to and allow others to offer help.
  3. Get good sleep! This may mean going to bed extra early if your little one just won’t stay in their cot past 5 or 6am. Our bodies need rest and when we are sleep deprived everything else suffers.
  4. Don’t do it alone. Surround yourself with great mummy friends, and if you don’t know any yet, get out to groups and meet some. Motherhood can be lonely at times but it’s so much better when surrounded by people going through the same stages.
  5. Have a routine. For me this really helps. I go to certain groups on certain days of the week and have a set routine of how I spend my afternoons as well. It doesn’t mean there’s no flexibility but if I want to achieve certain things, scheduling them in really helps.
  6. Keep the long-term goal in mind. As my friend once said ‘if you’re going to parent in the right way, it’s hard’. So many times when we have been trying to discipline Jonas on certain areas like sitting while eating or waiting until we have all finished eating dinner to get down from the table, it would have been so much easier to give in initially to his tears or moans – don’t! Perseverance equals results and now I’m glad we persevered as these areas are much easier now.
  7. Do something else you love. Motherhood is incredible but there’s nothing wrong with wanting other things. For instance, I started learning Spanish last year and I loved it. If you’re lacking in that sense of achievement, there are lots of other ways to find it whilst also enjoying being a mummy.
  8. Have fun! Children are amazing. Jonas makes me laugh more than anyone. Enjoy the madness, and dare I say it, the mess! Sometimes you just have to ignore it and look through the eyes of a child.
  9. Pray, pray and pray some more. I pray for wisdom, energy, for my son when I’ve got concerns, I pray for provision, for a great day, and even for lots of fun! Prayer works so do it!
  10. Read your Bible. This has to be the biggest tip on thriving in motherhood. Maybe you only have time for one verse a day but God can speak to you through the smallest thing. The Bible is packed full of wisdom on parenting! It reveals God, and knowing God will sustain you through whatever you go through and in parenting, we all need sustaining!

There it is, my tips on how we can all help ourselves thrive in motherhood. Are there any you would add?

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