How Busy Mums Make Time for God

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Becoming a mum is quite possibly one of the biggest life changes we can go through, your time is no longer your own and there are constant demands. If you’re a believer in Jesus then I’m sure you’ll agree making time for God is important, but how do you prioritise God amongst the necessary demands of motherhood and seemingly endless chores? How do you find time when your energy is spent on your little ones?

Having been employed previously in incredibly demanding roles, I can honestly tell you that my time has never been more limited that now. I juggle constant demands of looking after my growing boy along with looking after a household of 5 and all that entails. Life has never been so busy. Time has never been so stretched. My energy levels have never been as challenged. And yet I can honestly say I spend more quality time with God, seeking Him, reading His Word & worshipping Him then ever before.

But, because we don’t have endless spare time, or sometimes any, I’ve found it necessary to get creative in making time for God. Here’s my tips on what has worked really well for me:

Listen to preaches on YouTube

When spending lots of time studying the Bible isn’t an option, we still need to be fed spiritually. Make it easy for yourself and gain revelation from those sharing it. I used to listen to preaches in those early morning feeds. These days I stick in my earphones whilst Jonas and I are snuggling after nap time and he’s watching an episode of Postman Pat. I can highly recommend listening to Christine Caine, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer & Judah Smith.

Read books

I find this a great way of getting myself more focused on God when it hasn’t been easy. I recently read through Priscilla Shirer’s ‘Resolution for Women’. A really easy read and so encouraging on many aspects of motherhood/marriage. I’m currently reading through her ‘Life Interrupted’ book. It considers the events of Jonah & the whale and is a really challenging look at why some of the things we go through in life are just what we need to get us back on the path God intended.

Sign up to daily emails

I’m signed up to Christine Caine’s ‘First Things First With Christine’. They take 1-3 minutes to read, and are a great way to start the day.  Some days when it has been particularly hectic and I just need to read something quick that will encourage me, I’ll read through a couple of these in a row. I’m instantly reminded of God’s love & power and very often the email that has come through that day has been exactly what I’ve needed to hear.

Put on a worship CD

I love listening to worship music. I’ll listen to something every day and it instantly lifts me. I often show Jonas videos I love over breakfast and we sing along together. Here’s a clip of one of Jonas’ favourites, he can pretty much sing through the whole song now, a proud mummy moment!

Get up early

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to new mums in the early stages, but for those mums who are a bit further down the sleepless nights path, this may be your only time when you can have some space just you and God. There is honestly no better way to start your day than reading God’s promises before any problems even arise.

Use nap time

I will generally use Jonas’ nap time for one of two things, spending time with God, or just resting. I’ve had so many precious hours over the last 2 years when my boy has slept that I could just spend reading the Bible. I could have watched TV or cleaned but honestly this time has been invaluable.

Pray in the shower!

The one opportunity when there’s no interruptions and I can tell God exactly what’s on my heart.

It’s not easy for busy mums to spend hours reading or praying but if we get creative there are plenty of ways to keep yourself spiritually fed and get focused on Him.

Spending time with God will sustain you. Motherhood is busy but this isn’t something we have to let slip. Get creative in making time for God, even if only 5 minutes and I can assure you you’ll reap the rewards.

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