Hope for Tomorrow

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I wonder right now how many people have lost hope. Perhaps you’ve been through something awful, maybe there’s something you’re pursuing that hasn’t yet turned out as you wanted, or maybe you’re just disappointed. Disappointed by life, let down by the way some things have turned out and feeling hopeless. What can you do?

Perhaps you’ve prayed. Maybe you’ve cried out to God a hundred times asking for Him to change something and yet nothing has. Maybe you don’t even believe in God.

Sometimes feeling hopeless in any situation, big or small, can seem the hardest point of your life, and yet I want to tell you something, it can be the start of your breakthrough.

Have you ever read the Bible? If you want encouragement from a book full of seemingly hopeless stories then start there. It’s full of people who had promises from God, hopes and dreams and yet these had been seemingly crushed by the circumstances they faced.

Joseph, a man with visions from God on how his future would unfold and yet betrayed by his brothers and then sent to a faraway country as a slave. Just as things seemed to be looking up, he was betrayed again and ended up in prison. Not exactly how he thought it would end up.

Sarah, a lady who had experienced heartache, was promised a baby and yet nothing. No baby and, as the Bible puts it,  her husband’s body was ‘as good as dead’.  Waited years. It wasn’t looking great.

Yet these stories have something in common. In the face of adversary, or pain, these people didn’t simply allow themselves to mope, or see the worst, they remembered something that had the ability to change their circumstances, and yours. They remembered who God is.

The Bible isn’t a feel good book that has no place in modern life. It’s packed full of real stories of heartache, stories of loss, grief, pain, and yet somehow, holding on in the midst of trouble. Holding onto God, remembering who He is, and that His promises are faithful.

If He did it then, He can do it again

The Bible talks a lot about remembering what God has done. You know why, because when life gets hard, we need to actively bring to mind all that God has done in the past: in the Bible, in our lives and in the lives of people around us. Because if He did it then, He can do it again! And when you feel hopeless, you need to find your hope again in Him.

Think about all He has done in your life. If He hasn’t done it yet, read the Bible. Think on those things he has done there and thank Him. Worship Him, and as you do, your hope will return, and things will change.

Maybe life is hard right now, maybe you’re still waiting, hurting, frustrated and had enough. I understand, I really do. But maybe, if you’ll remember for a second how great God is, how able He is, rather than how bad your circumstances seem, maybe your breakthrough will be just round the corner.

And perhaps, God will turn those things that seemed the hardest things in your life, to bring the greatest joy. The biggest breakthrough, The greatest knowledge of Him. And the biggest story, your story.

And just for the record, through Joseph’s pain, he ended up being promoted to the level of a prince, and Sarah, after waiting, ended up with a baby, not just any baby, one through whom the whole world would be blessed.

For I hope in You, O Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God

Psalm 38:15

Have you ever tried thanking God in times of difficulty and remembering all He has done in your life? How has it changed your feelings about your circumstances?

6 thoughts on “Hope for Tomorrow

  1. This is a great reminder that we need to remember who God is and all He has done. How important to do that when things are really tough, as you said! Thank you for speaking truth today!

    1. Hi Dana, thank you! It’s amazing how powerful it is to actually sit and think over all God has done before and to actually speak it out as well. Whenever I do, especially when things are tough for whatever reason it always changes things and stirs my faith again. x

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