What’s my purpose?

Whats My Purpose
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Do you ever feel lacking in purpose in motherhood? Like you’re not achieving anything of worth by being at home with your children and you’re just filling time? Stay at home mums and working mums alike, we all spend time with our children and yet it can be easy to see this time as menial.

I find it fascinating that in today’s society so much emphasis is placed on career status. In fact I recently watched an interview where they stated less women are having children now than ever before. One reason they suggested was because women are taught to go get their career; achieve for themselves first and put children on the back burner.

I’m not belittling this, if this is something you’ve chosen then there’s great value in achieving a career, yet one thing I find strange is that there seems to be little value placed on raising our own children. You tell someone you’re a doctor, lawyer or manager, there is instant recognition of status, yet tell them you’re a mum, then less so because anyone could do that right?

I was recently thinking about the twelve disciples. If you’re not familiar with the Bible, Jesus chose twelve close friends to spend time with and teach. Although he had hundreds of followers, these twelve stayed with him throughout the later part of his life. Why did he choose just twelve? He had hundreds of people wanting his time and attention, he could have quite easily chosen to impact all of them in a larger way.

I believe it’s because he wanted to invest in a few. Because there was value in this. By spending time with just twelve friends, he was able to impact them so much more than if he had been attempting to mentor hundreds. By investing in a few, he could really teach them his values, his purpose and the truth. Something that would change their lives and therefore countless other lives too.

Today you might need reminding, there is GREAT value in taking the time to invest in your children. There is huge purpose in taking the time to teach them, show them values and raise them knowing who they are.

Let’s be honest, if you don’t raise them knowing who they are and understanding those values that are important to your family, the likelihood is no one else will. Your role is vital. By purposefully spending time now teaching them the ways in which to go, you and they will reap the rewards later on.

So when you find yourself at another toddler group, or at home playing with toys feeling bored and like you’re not achieving anything, when those days roll into weeks, and the weeks into months of the same, seemingly menial tasks, remember something. Remember the value in taking the time to invest.

By playing you’re teaching them how to be creative. By discipline you are guiding them through what’s good and what’s not. By taking time just for them, doing what they love (even if you don’t!) you’re showing them the value in who they are.

By doing these things now you are shaping another future mummy or daddy. You are raising a future husband or wife. You are teaching a person of future influence. There’s great value in that!

Although anyone can be a mum, not everyone does it well. It takes time, commitment, vision and purposeful living. Although you may not always feel like you’re achieving by doing what you do, you are. And who knows, perhaps your time now will not only completely change their lives in ways you couldn’t even imagine, but maybe also through them the lives of countless others.

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