Bleeding in pregnancy – our story

June 2015
June 2015

Alan and I had waited a long time to start trying for another baby. My first labour was traumatic in many ways and the months that followed weren’t easy. A second baby was never in question but the timing was important. Roll on three years and the timing was right, after months of trying, complications along the way, God gave me a promise – a baby by the end of 2015.

Trying for our first baby was easy. I conceived almost instantly. After waiting so long to be ready to do it again we had hoped it would be the same second time. Don’t get me wrong, it was small compared to many couples, but for us, when we had the expectations from the first time and the knowledge we had already waited so long we wanted a baby straight away.

After months of trying when I was pouring my heart out to God He gave me a promise that we’d have a baby by the end of 2015. Two months on from that promise and it was the last possible chance for me to conceive in order for that to happen, I reminded God! Well it happened, 7 weeks later I discovered I was 7 weeks pregnant. We were over the moon.

Two weeks later, I woke and experienced bleeding. I’d had this on two odd occasions in my first pregnancy, so as long as the bleeding only happened once, I wasn’t overly concerned. But it continued.

In fact, it continued occurring almost every few hours throughout the Sunday. I spent the day in bed and honestly felt confused. Why was this happening. In moments like this, moments with potential for fear, we have two options. To think on the worst or to go back to God’s promises.

That’s exactly what we did. God had promised us a baby by the end of the year and this was that baby. Myself and Alan prayed, but that wasn’t enough. We literally spoke out the promises of God.

I felt full of faith and yet every time the bleeding continued I wondered why. On Sunday evening the mild pain started. Not bad, but cramps. It was at this point I wrote my post about hope (read it here).

God’s promises are very powerful and speaking them over situations is incredibly powerful too. As the bleeding continued and got worse I spoke God’s promises out loud all the more.

What does the Bible say about pregnancy? Actually more than you might think. I pulled out a book I had purchased a year back called Supernatural Childbirth. It contains lots of stories of women who couldn’t conceive for years, who prayed and then conceived. Women who had miscarried lots of times, started bleeding again, prayed and the baby was saved!

I decided to place my trust in those things. Instead of googling what bleeding or pain in pregnancy might mean, I read the Bible. Instead of thinking on the ‘what if’s‘, I worshipped.

The bleeding and pain continued for two whole days. On the Monday we phoned the hospital and they told me to come in on the third day for a scan. Every time I saw more blood and felt a little fear rise, I spoke out what God had to say about this baby. I put on a worship song and worshipped God, until the fear left.

On the third day the bleeding and pain stopped. We drove over to the hospital for our scan. I didn’t understand what was going on. I knew what these signs might mean under normal circumstances, but honestly as a believer in a powerful God who had promised us this baby, I didn’t count these as normal circumstances.

As we went for that scan I can honestly say that by the grace of God alone I felt full of hope, I genuinely would have been surprised if they’d told me anything was wrong. Well thank God as she conducted the scan there is was, our little baby’s heartbeat, loud and clear! Thank you God! In fact, at my 12 week scan a few weeks later she said I have a very active baby in there!

I realise not all stories end like this. I know there are many stories of loss and grief, some very close to me, which we don’t always understand, but today I want to encourage anyone going through something similar. My hope is that our story might encourage you to keep your hope, to remain in peace, to remember that whatever you’re going through, whatever promises you are waiting for, however bad circumstances look, God is always good. Remember He always keeps His promises and to put your trust in Him and what His Word says over what you might see or fear. He is more than enough to look after you and to turn ANY situation around you might be facing.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s wonderful that your little one is healthy and active, after such a rocky start.

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