Catch The Moment

Catching The Moment
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That morning after my beautiful daughter was born was incredible. I wish I could have boxed up those feelings of pure joy and kept them so I could relive that moment again and again. Just the three of us, no demands, no interruptions; a chance to simply delight in our new baby girl. I was reminded then just how important it is to catch each precious moment. To stop and breathe in those treasures in what can so often be a whirlwind of busyness.

She’d arrived the previous evening and despite very little sleep that night when I woke at 6am it was surprisingly peaceful. There was the usual murmur of newborn babies crying in the beds next to us but in our little space inside that curtained section we occupied it was just us, Alan, myself & our new baby girl.

I knew I would get to see my gorgeous son later that day to introduce him to his little sister but for now all I could do was relax and concentrate on feeding and cuddling my new arrival.

There is something so precious about having a moment where there are no demands or distractions. Where you are forced to stop and enjoy it for what it’s worth. But isn’t this so rare? It’s so easy to become used to occupying every minute that we forget to catch those precious moments. Easy to use every second doing rather than just being.

As we came home the fun really began. Thrown into parenthood with two little’s instead of one. Having to somehow know in an instant how to divide our time. Needing to meet the relentless demands of a newborn whilst also giving that ever important time to their older sibling, who has overnight gone from being your one and only to having to share Mummy & Daddy with a very noisy little side kick.

Life becomes a whirlwind. A non-stop supply of demands which must be met seemingly instantly and your own needs or wants become less secondhand importance and more thrown out altogether. It can feel non-stop and overwhelming and yet it’s also so precious.

We will only have this time with our children at this age once. We need to catch each precious moment in the midst of the chaos and somehow stop and savour it.

In those early weeks of having Summer I felt like all I did was feed. In those odd moments when she slept and I actually had a slither of spare time I would take my boy and find a quiet spot where we could play, or read or just cuddle , some time for just him. To remind him that even though our family had grown he was still just as important as before. I could see he was missing this time and truth be told so was I.

How important it was then to catch those moments, to grab them with both hands and spend them wisely, as how easily they could seem to pass before my little daughter would once again wake needing Mummy.

But this isn’t just relevant to us mums of little’s, it’s relevant in so many areas of our life. We live in a culture of demands, constant busyness and movement that it can be so easy to get caught up in the never-ending whirlwind.

What I’ve learnt recently more than ever is how important it is to catch each moment. When something amazing happens like getting to cuddle your newborn baby, or play with your child, or read a book to them, or when your husband gets home and there is a rare moment of just you and him:


To be proactive in stopping before it passes. To savour it and enjoy it right there and then before it’s gone.

We must catch those precious moments and enjoy the season we find ourselves in however overwhelming and messy this time may seem, as before we know it we will find ourselves looking back wanting to relive these precious treasures but they will have passed.

We only have this time once, let’s treasure it now for all it’s worth!

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2 thoughts on “Catch The Moment

  1. I can relate to this so much! I wish I had listened when people told me that time will fly by and they grow so quick. My daughter is 11 now and I am amazed at how fast she has grown.

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