Is Your Breakthrough One Step Away?

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You’re suffering and you need answers, desperate for a breakthrough. You’ve been faithful, you’ve prayed, shouted, cried, persevered and still nothing. Does God even hear, does He care? Of course He does but why hasn’t he answered, why are you still suffering? Sometimes we can feel this way and like nothing is happening but what if your breakthrough is within your reach, just a few steps away!

I’m reading through Joshua at the moment. If there’s one thing that God keeps impressing on my heart time and time again it’s this, HE WANTS US to experience breakthrough. He hates suffering and there is a path He has mapped out for us in the midst of our turmoil. He’s not silent about it, He will lead us, but are we listening?

God promises to give you wisdom, He will lead you through the storm you are currently in, but how quickly you walk through it may just depend on how much you listen to His instruction and how quickly you follow.

Reading through the Old Testament has reminded me again just how deeply God cares for His children. It has reminded me how much He wants us to prosper, to be healthy and walk in wholeness but as with the Israelites, there are often steps He gives us to walk in in order to see this. There is a way that God asks us to walk in order to experience His best for us. The trouble is, often we miss it because we don’t take those steps.

“Be careful to obey all the instructions Moses gave you. Do not deviate from them, turning either to the right or to the left. Then you will be successful in everything you do. ” – Joshua 1, 7

He’s a God of strategy, a God who answers. He wants the best for you, do you believe that? Sometimes it’s easy to forget, isn’t it! Not that we would actually voice that but when we are in the thick of a storm, when we have cried out to God more times than we can count and still don’t see our miracle it’s easy to become despondent but it’s that point right there that we need to remember, HE LOVES US, and He will lead us,

God promises to give you wisdom, He will lead you through the storm you are currently in, but how quickly you walk through it may just depend on how much you listen to His instruction and how quickly you follow.

He gives us steps, we’d love to have the whole picture of what it looks like mapped out for us but God doesn’t always work like that. He’s interested in building our trust in Him along the way and so very often we see a small part, one step at a time, will we follow?

God might have given you an answer, a thought, a quiet whisper that you could so easily miss because it could almost disguise itself as your own thought but in my experience, very often these thoughts that come immediately after we ask for wisdom are the gentle nudgings of the Holy Spirit. A small thought, an idea, a prompt in a certain direction, very often divine wisdom.

Sometimes it doesn’t look like we thought it would, perhaps we don’t even want to do it, maybe it looks like it has nothing to do with your problem but will you trust Him? He loves you and I can tell you He will lead you through your suffering. Your breakthrough may be just on the other side of that tiny step, but you just haven’t seen it YET because you haven’t followed yet.

I write from experience, sometimes He has spoken wisdom into my heart that I could so easily have missed. Often it took me a long time to follow and many times it made no sense to me but when I did, I found my miracle… healing, financial breakthrough, peace and wholeness.

When it makes no sense, when there seem to be no answers, remember He loves you and He will lead you through your suffering into a place of breakthrough!

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Breakthrough One Step Away?

    1. Hi Sumana, thank you. I really do believe a lot of the time the breakthrough we need is closer than we realise it’s just we need to lean into God and hear what He is specifically leading us to do in that situation. I pray for you He will reveal this to you clearly and give you the strategy you need to see it happening and the vision to walk it out… but it will happen! Lots of love x

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