What Words Are You Speaking Over Your Children?

Photo credit: Jennifer C.

God speaks, you might be surprised by this if you don’t go to church but it’s true. Christianity is not a dead religion, it’s a very real relationship and as with all relationships there has to be interaction, there’s conversation. God speaks to us in so many ways but one way is by showing us a picture of something, a symbolic image if you like.

Well, I’m going to share with you something He showed me a month back which has changed the way myself and my husband raise our children. I saw a seed, a tiny seed in the ground, He said to me in that seed there is the potential for life or death. The words we speak over it, are the words which give that seed the power to live (and prosper) or die. What we speak, matters!

Have you ever thought about when people in the Bible spoke a blessing, how it was critical; the catalyst behind whether those they blessed prospered or not! Words matter.

I’m so passionate about the words I speak over my children because my words shape their future. They either agree with and confess God’s promises over them, somehow releasing them in their lives, or they agree with the lies that the enemy would love our children to believe. If we are going to agree with something when we speak, let’s make sure we are agreeing with what God says!

After God showed me this, something I’ve always known but had forgotten, we started praying over our children in a new way. Rather than just asking God for things for them, we also speak God’s promises over them.

Just think for a moment, let’s say there is a God (there is by the way), and let’s say all He had to do was speak and things were created (it actually happened) can you even begin to imagine the weight of power His words held and still hold. One word, spoken by Him and things came into existence. Now think, did He or did He not inspire the whole Bible (He did), does He say that it is His Word (He does)! Now imagine what happens when not only God has spoken a word that can create something but when we his children actually start speaking it too. We take a promise He has already made and actually believe Him enough to speak it out, could it also create things, or change things… yes I believe it will! This is actually what the Bible calls praying.

I don’t know what trials you are facing, I don’t know what challenges your family may currently be facing that break your heart as you watch, but I do know Him. I do know the one who can change it all and sometimes the way He wants us to see that change is by us partnering with Him, by us actually taking Him at His word so much so that we would actually start confessing what it says to be true for us and our children, speaking it over them. Our words create things, let’s choose them wisely!

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