New vlog: What Words Are You Speaking

Did you know the words you speak over your children have the potential to shape their future, they have the possibility of creating things in their life that might never happen otherwise, what you speak matters! xx

2 thoughts on “New vlog: What Words Are You Speaking

  1. Thanks Kate, this really resonated with me right now. Not only for my children but especially for a little boy that I coach, so has had the most awful words spoken over him and now we are trying to unpick those. Mich x PS – I love that you co-ordinated your top with your front room! lol

    1. Thanks Michelle, that’s really encouraging! What a privilege to be able to coach that little boy and speak words of truth over him that will change his future, amazing! Haha, the colour co-ordination was definitely NOT intentional… I guess I must like yellow 🙂 x

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