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Jonas Making Space
Jonas Making Space

I decided to call my blog ‘Making Space’. Why, because in my opinion since becoming a mummy I find every day’s challenge is about making space! Making space to do all those necessary baby chores: washing bottles, changing nappies, making meals, feeding meals, cleaning copious amounts of food thrown on the floor after said meals, all those things that have to happen each day. Then there’s making space for the household essentials, clearing up after breakfast, lunch, dinner, washing, hanging washing, putting away the washing, cleaning… you all know the ones! Then there’s making space for the essentials with my boy: playtime, cuddle time, story time, time to teach him, sing to him, take him out. Time to be loud, to be quiet, to laugh, time to have fun, time to discipline. Before you even realise it the day can be full of things, and you haven’t even had time for you. Now some mums may say “what’s that?” but in my opinion this is essential. I spend my day giving my all to my son, rushing around to try and squeeze in all those necessary things, none of which can budge, and I need time out too.

I once read a great book about parenting that said:

‘We are imparting to our children who we are. And unless we learn to sustain and protect our individual health and happiness, it won’t be too long before we are imparting unhealthiness and unhappiness to our children… Taking good care of our children begins with learning to take good care of ourselves… Somewhere along the road, somebody taught us that a worn-out, burnt-out, frustrated, bitter parent is a good one. Somehow that’s holy and noble. Actually, it’s a sign that you’re not getting enough oxygen.’

Loving Our Kids On Purpose – Danny Silk

I love this quote because it’s refreshing. There’s a reason why in every job you are officially encouraged to take a lunch break, because we all need a bit of time out!

Story Time
Story Time

When Jonas first started having good day time naps I used to spend that hour running around the house like a headless chicken trying to clean. The morning had been full on and physically tiring. I would then squeeze as much as was physically possible into that small gap in the day that was ‘my time’, and then be back on full pelt as soon as he woke. But I then realised I needed my time too. That’s not wrong, it’s reality. Somewhere in the day amongst making space for all those other things, I need some space for me. In order for me to be the best mummy I can be in the afternoon, I need a rest. So now when Jonas sleeps, I sit, I read and I relax and when my boy wakes, I feel ready to give him my all in the afternoon.

So here’s my challenge to you, are you making space for you? Are you getting a breather in your day? It may only be 10 minutes, or it may be longer, but are you making time for you? Because to be the best mummies we can be, we need some time for ourselves! In order to make space for so many other necessary things in our quickly filled days, we need to make space just to be!

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  1. Brilliant Kate!! Having had five boys I would definitely agree with you. For me filling up on patience, love and self ccontrol from God is still an essential part of that time. :))

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