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Keep your eye on the goal
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I’ve often heard mums talk about feeling a lack of purpose. I think nowadays there’s such focus on career and the status that comes from this, that it can be a hard adjustment going from employment to raising a child. I gave up work when I had Jonas. I remember a conversation I had shortly afterwards with a mum I met in the park who had recently returned to work. When I told her I was a stay at home mum she asked how I coped, making me feel like I was doing something wrong, like it was crazy that I would even consider leaving my career, like the mundane tasks of being a mummy were so dull, how could I possibly not return to work.

Being a mummy, no one regularly tells you you’re doing a great job, we don’t have end of year reviews stating our performance, we don’t have pay rises, or any pay, to boost our confidence, so how do we stay motivated and passionate about our role? How do we feel encouraged when we’ve had a tough day?

We need to keep sight of the big picture!

Never Ending Nappies!
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What is being a mummy all about? Is it about changing copious amounts of nappies, about running around chasing after your toddler, about feeding, rocking, weaning, toddler groups? No! These are varied, amazing, tiring, necessary parts of raising a child, parts if we are not careful we can almost get lost in.

But here’s the truth: I love raising my son! Is it tough some days? Yes! Is it physically exhausting some days? Yes! Can it be boring? Yes! But, amongst the tiredness, the chaos, amongst the sometimes mundane things, there are daily moments of joy. I get the absolute joy of seeing Jonas take his first crawl, his first steps, say his first words, growing and developing every day and this is where I get my motivation from. Primarily, I raise Jonas, and it’s mainly me that has taught him these things. It is me that is shaping my little boy and me that has the ability to daily encourage him, love him and teach him the ways to go. Predominantly I impact his character and behaviour and it’s my words, actions and behaviour that will shape my gorgeous little boy into the man that he will one day become. Wow, is this a small thing? No, it’s massive! What a blessing to have a child to love and raise!

So to all those mummies out there, your role is not small, it will not be overlooked, it’s key and you have the awesome ability to daily impact your child’s life! So if right now you are feeling tired or unappreciated, if you are finding those small, mundane tasks tough, don’t lose sight of the big picture! Every day, in each task, in each nappy change, in each cuddle, in every playtime, with every single word, you have the ability to mould, encourage and build up your child into the character they will grow into… wow!

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it
Proverbs 22:6

There’s our promise! So for all that hard work we put in now, for all the time spent loving, caring for, disciplining our children now, we’re investing in them! Hold onto that! Your role is crucial and no other person has the ability to shape your child more than you!

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