No terrible two’s in our house!

Me, naughty? Never!
Me, naughty? Never!

A very wise mother of three once said “we are not going to have the terrible two’s in our house!”  We had just been discussing how there can be a lot of negativity around parents. Many parents seem to want to warn you of the hardships to come. It’s almost as if when people have had a hard experience in a certain area of parenting, they like to tell you that you will have the same.

There’s a lot of negative warnings that if we are not careful we can almost come to accept without giving it a second thought! One of these is the so called “terrible two’s”. Now this wise lady, whom is someone I have a lot of respect for, refused to have these in her house. She refused to look at the challenges of toddlers through a negative light. Now I understand the sentiment behind this “terrible two’s” statement. I appreciate there are certain things that toddlers do around the age of two which can be particularly challenging, and perhaps this is the first age where we really start to see our children willingly testing us. But the point is this, I think when we start to agree with negative statements like this we can almost find ourselves in the position of finding things hard before we even start!

In my limited experience as a parent, I have already come to find that every age produces it’s challenges, and every age brings new blessings. When we have newborn babies they have a tendency to wake lots through the night, it can be exhausting and emotionally draining, but they also snuggle in your arms in that amazing foetal position which is incredible. When they get a little bit older they go through that particularly clingy age whereby even going to the toilet alone for a few seconds feels like a major ordeal, but they start to show signs of their real character. When they reach around 20 months (as my boy has recently been), my goodness can they throw good tantrums, particularly if you have a strong willed boy like mine. But when you ask them questions like “do you love mummy?”, and they say “yes”, it melts your heart. When they come and give you a cuddle of their own free will, it is incredible.

So rather than look out for the “terrible two’s” why not wait for the “amazing two’s!” Rather than listening to warnings of the hardships surrounding a certain age, why not enjoy the challenges and joys of every age! Because one warning from older parents I do know to be very true, time goes very quickly! I cannot believe my little bundle of joy is almost two and I want to cherish every moment!

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