What are you carrying?


It struck me recently just how many mums feel guilty. They have said or done something that is less than perfect and end up feeling bad. This is so sad, when being a mummy and raising young children is such a special time in our lives, we don’t want to end up carrying a constant burden of guilt. I know from my own experience this is easy to do. Why? Because when we love our children more than anything, we want the absolute best for them. We never want to show them a less than perfect love, and we want every single word, action and experience we give them to show how much we love them. Although this is a good thing, a big learning curve for me when I became a mum was realising I will never be a perfect mum or get everything right. As much as I may strive for this I will never achieve it, because I’m not perfect. Being a mum is my absolute priority but I have discovered that if I strive for perfection, I am setting myself up for failure. So now I try my best, but I accept that if I look back at the end of a day and think I could have done something a bit better, I need to let it go and just ask God for grace and wisdom to do it better tomorrow.

Letting Go!
Letting Go!

Being a mum involves so many decisions, decisions about feeding, weaning, how to get your baby to sleep through the night, to do controlled crying or not, to do baby led weaning or not, when to potty train, how to do it, when to first leave your baby with someone else, and there are so many different viewpoints on things. If we are not careful we can listen to so many opinions that we end up getting swayed from side to side on what is the best choice on a particular decision. It’s important to chat things through with friends and other mums but at the end of the day, we all have to step out on what we believe is the best choice in a particular thing and then live with that decision.

Sometimes we may look back on these things and think “I could have done it better”, or wish we had made a different choice. If we are not careful we can carry these things around with us day after day, until we end up feeling overburdened and discouraged that we are not a good mum.

So how do we avoid this? At the end of each day, we need to accept that we are not perfect, and then lay these things down. We need to do a check at the end of every day to see what we are carrying, and give any concerns, fears, regrets or worries over to God.

Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and He will act
Psalm 37:5

I love this verse, I know I can do my best with Jonas, but I can also trust God that when I commit everything to Him, and trust Him, He will be covering my Son. He will protect him, and honour him, and when I fall short, God never will! If you like this post please press the Facebook share button below!

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