What will your day be like?

We Can Do It
We Can Do It!
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Have you ever noticed just how much our mindset affects things? If we wake up thinking this is going to be a hard day, often it is! If we think today will be great, often it will!

I particularly noticed this recently. I have an incredibly active little man. He loves loves loves to explore. He is a potterer. If we go to the park, he won’t want to play on the climbing frame or swings, he will want to go to the gate. He will open it and explore outside the park. If we go to a soft play, he will only play for so long but will then explore around the soft play. It seems to me that whatever physical boundaries there are, if he can find a way to get past them and explore what’s on the other side, he will. This is part of his character and I love it. But it does mean I have to be extra watchful, it does mean I spend a lot of time wandering behind him watching as he explores and it also means that if I go to the park with another friend, I get very limited time to stand and chat to them whilst their child plays, as Jonas will be off at a great speed. My mum and sister often comment on this as their experience of their own children as toddlers was very different. They will say how active Jonas is and how tiring it must be. When they say this I find myself feeling like it is actually quite hard work! Suddenly finding myself feeling tired! But then if I chat to other friends who have toddlers that are active on the same scale, we laugh about it and share similar stories, I find myself feeling like this is hard work but normal, it is tiring but fun! I find that my mindset really affects a lot!

Keep your eye on the goal Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife
Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife

It’s the same with household chores. With four adults and one toddler in the house it doesn’t take very long for the house to need a clean, and I am one of these people who likes a clean house. Having clutter actually makes me feel unrelaxed! If I start thinking how messy it is, how things get dirty so quickly and how no one else in the house does much to help, I can find myself feeling stressed and unmotivated. But if I flip my mindset and realise this is part of my role as a stay at home mum, and that having the two lodgers in the house enables me to be a stay at home mum, I suddenly feel a lot more enthusiastic about doing all the cleaning. I suddenly feel very blessed!

Have you ever noticed that we can complain about small things, the slightest thing can cause us to moan and feel annoyed. It can cause us to find things hard. But then if we compare our lot to someone else in a far less fortunate position, we begin to realise how incredibly blessed we are. So I have come to realise that my mindset can affect a LOT! It can affect my mood, it can affect my attitude, it can impact how much I am willing to give, and it can affect how good… or not so good my day can be.

So my question to you, and myself, is this: What will your day be like? Will it be hard day, or a great day? Will it be a day full of challenge or the best day of the week?

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