Still a happy chappy
Still a happy chappy

I can honestly say the last fortnight has been the hardest we have had for a while! We have had not one, not two, not three but four trips to A&E and a sickness bug to top it all off!

Two weeks ago on a lovely sunday afternoon we took Jonas to a nearby park for some family fun time. Five minutes after arriving, he fell off a roundabout and it span round really quickly, hitting him on the forehead knocking him over. The bump on his head swelled almost instantly into a lump the size of a golf ball. We of course rushed to get some ice and then drove over to our local A&E, forty minutes away! Thank God that amazingly he was absolutely fine and didn’t even have a concussion!

Well the following Saturday I was playing with my boy and tickling him and he accidentally poked me in the eye really hard with his finger nail, gouging out a large chunk from my cornea… ouch doesn’t even begin to describe it! That day we made our second trip to A&E. The nurses were surprised how bad it was and gave me eye drops and patched me up, telling me to return if it got worse. Well, get worse it did and the next morning I couldn’t even open my eye, or the other eye as when I did it pulled on the damaged one. The whole of my face went numb so we were advised to go back… again! This time I was given even stronger eye ointment and strong painkillers.

Pirate Kate!
Pirate Kate!

Well, the next day, the pain had become so much worse so we were advised to go to the specialist eye A&E in Brighton. There I was told it should recover in the main over the next week, but I would need to continue using eye ointment for three months and not wear contact lenses for at least four months.

I think during the last fortnight we have spent about thirteen hours sat in waiting rooms, a huge amount of money on petrol getting to and from the hospitals. I had my mother-in-law looking after Jonas for about seven days as I couldn’t open my eyes for a lot of that time. I couldn’t look at screens and I couldn’t read. Well, it felt like we’d had our fair share of difficulties, but then on Friday as I was just about better poor Jonas picked up a sickness bug… seriously… enough!

Well over the last fortnight we have prayed, prayed and prayed some more. We prayed for protection over Jonas and that there would be no side effects from the bump, thank God he was fine. We prayed for speedy recover with my eye and that the blurry vision would return to normal and we prayed healing over Jonas and that no one else in the family would get ill!

There’s a saying that every cloud has a silver lining, or, as the bible says:

For those who love God all things work together for good
Romans 8:28

The last fortnight although immensely tough has made me realise a few things. It’s reminded me again just how valuable time with my boy is. It’s easy, particularly as a stay at home mum, to forget the value in spending every day raising our children, but this week has shown me again how much I missed my time with Jonas, playing, reading to him, being able to be the one who takes him out! I missed that precious mummy-Jonas time so much and it re-focused me on why I do what I do. It’s made me so thankful for our family who have looked after Jonas or driven up here to take me to hospital when Alan couldn’t! And, it has made me so thankful for so many great friends who have sent loads of texts offering help and support! So, although I don’t believe for a second that bad things come from God, I do believe that He will use things to make us stronger or more thankful for what we have!

I can honestly say I don’t ever want to experience the events of the last fortnight again, the worry of seeing my boy hit so hard on the head, or the pain of the gouged eye was unlike anything I had experienced before, but I have come through it more thankful for my son, and my opportunity to raise him and the joy of seeing him every day. So, if you’re having a tough week, or a tough fortnight, just remember, every cloud has a silver lining, or in the words of the bible, God is more than able to turn it around for your good!

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