Help, I need answers!

Help Me
Help Me
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a parent? I know I have! There have been many times that I have desperately needed a situation resolved, like the time when he was still waking five times a night at eight months. Or the times that until he was about five months he didn’t consistently sleep in the day. Or there’s been times I’ve felt overwhelmed by different advice on feeding techniques, or discipline. People offer advice but they don’t know our children like we do, they don’t know what is specifically the best thing for them. There have been times I have listened to advice and tried all the methods advised and yet still seen no change. I’ve needed an answer!

It’s at times like these that I am so thankful that I can go to God! I can go to the One who knows my child more than me, the One who made him, the One who wants us to ask for help. Now you may be reading this and not believe in God, so this might sound strange. But I do believe in Him, and to be honest throughout my whole life I have seen thousands of answers to prayers in every area of my life, and my parenting is no different. So now when I need answers in how to best raise Jonas, I pray.

When Jonas was about five months old he wasn’t feeding very well, and he never slept well in the day after taking his milk. I could tell he was desperately over tired and just needed to sleep but he wouldn’t. I felt completely helpless, he needed to sleep and his mummy needed a rest. I chatted to friends asking for advice and tried all of the suggestions, controlled crying, settling him to sleep, rocking him to sleep. feeding more milk, but none of them worked. As I was walking to meet friends one day preparing to update them on the difficulties of the situation, I remembered this verse:

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help… Ask boldly, believing, without a second thought
James 1:5-6

There it is, an amazing promise that if we ask for help we get it. If we ask for wisdom, God gives it. So I prayed, I asked for wisdom with my son in how to help him sleep in the day. As I prayed the thought that instantly came to me was this, I needed to wind him even more after feeding before putting him down in his cot. Well, I did that and guess what, Jonas immediately started sleeping more in the day!

There have been many things throughout the last two years where I have been unsure what to do or how to best raise my son, and many times I have prayed, received some wisdom and seen the situation change almost instantly!

We are not meant to have all the answers but we can ask the one who does! So if right now you need an answer, or if you need help, pray! Because he will help you, that’s a promise!

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