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Jesus. I’m intrigued how many people click on this post! Will the title draw you in, intrigue you, or put you off reading? I guess I’ll see the answer when I see the number of readers! But one thing I know to be true, how ever many posts about parenting I have done so far, and how ever many I will do, it doesn’t matter whether they are about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, potty training, discipline, love, more important than any of these, is this name, this topic, this relationship: Jesus.

Why? Because no matter what the problem is, no matter what we are going through as parents, be it not knowing what to do, not knowing how to feed, or how to discipline. Maybe your toddler’s having tantrums,or you are experiencing emotional problems, or financial problems, there is one person that changes everything.

I can honestly say that everything in my life so far, and in my experience over the last two years as a mummy has been different because of Jesus.

Here’s my story:

I prayed when I wanted to get pregnant. I prayed for safety over Jonas during the pregnancy. I prayed throughout the labour. I prayed for wisdom when he was born. I prayed when I decided to stop breast feeding and for peace in bottle feeding. I prayed he would sleep when he didn’t. I prayed when he didn’t sleep in the day. I prayed when I needed a routine in my new life as a mummy. I prayed when I needed mummy friends. I prayed when I needed wisdom with discipline, and right now, I’m praying whilst I potty train. Why, because Jesus changes everything and if He is who I believe He is, He wants to help me in every area of my life, particularly in an area so important to me, how I best raise my son!

So, if you already know Jesus, then you will probably already do this, but if you haven’t prayed about things you are currently working through, do! If you don’t know Jesus, then you should, because He changes everything, everything in your life! And if you are experiencing any difficulties, or uncertainties, which I think go hand-in-hand with being parents, you might just be surprised the difference one little prayer to Jesus will make!

And just for the record, when I said everything has been changed by Him, I mean every single little thing above that I prayed about, changed drastically the moment I asked!

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