He’s Lucky to Have Me

Lucky Son, Lucky Mummy
Lucky Mummy, Lucky Son

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Like you just aren’t quite enough for your baby. Like sometimes you make mistakes? Like some days, you try so hard, but still don’t seem to get it all right.

Whether it’s giving your baby enough time, or attention, or being patient enough, or getting the discipline exactly right, with the right level of sternness but also the correct amount of love… there are some days, and probably many days, that it’s very easy to feel like I just didn’t get it right. There are some days that it is so easy to end up feeling guilty.

Every day I look at my little man, and honestly I feel so incredibly lucky to be a mummy, and not just to be any mummy, but to be his mummy! To get to look after and raise this little man who is so incredibly gorgeous, and precious, with his little character traits that I adore. His little expressions that melt my heart. I am lucky to have him.

I want nothing more than to be the best mummy I can to him. And honestly, when I feel like I haven’t quite hit the high bar I set for myself, I find it very easy to feel bad, to feel like I wasn’t quite enough for my precious boy.

I think many mums suffer with feelings of guilt, I can see it written on their faces, when perhaps they shouted a bit too loudly, or didn’t give their child enough time, or decided that actually because mummy needs some time right now, a TV programme can be on. It’s not perfect, but you know what, we’re not perfect. We don’t get everything right.

I believe very strongly in encouragement! I think telling someone something good about them self can make such a huge difference to them. I certainly always try to encourage my boy, but on the days when I feel guilty, or like I haven’t done enough, because I am unrealistically trying to be perfect, which I never will be, maybe I need to encourage myself! I need to remind myself of something. Although I’m so lucky to have my boy, he’s lucky to have me too. He’s lucky to have a mummy that adores him and would do absolutely anything for him.

There are some days when we are trying so hard but feel like we’ve not done enough, that we need to remember, our children don’t need perfect mums, they need mums that love them. That try, try and try again. And although we will almost certainly get many things wrong along the way, we will also get many, many, many things right. And our children are lucky, lucky to have parents that love them in the way we do.

Maybe today you feel bad, maybe you feel inadequate, well, remind yourself, you are a blessing to your children and you don’t need to be perfect to be a great mum!

And if you find it hard to say, and no one has told you in a while, I’ll say it! You don’t need to be perfect. If you love them, and try and put them first, you’re a great mummy! They are lucky to have you. xx

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