14 Things Every Mummy Needs to Hear

New Mummy
New Mummy

When I look back on those first few weeks or months of motherhood, there are a few things I wish someone had told me. So in case you haven’t heard it before, or really need to hear it now, I’ll say it for you.

To the Mummy who is worried her little baby may stop breathing throughout the night, you may check on them a few times, but know that your confidence will grow, and your fears will lessen.

To the Mummy who is concerned about how to feed her baby, desperately thinking through whether breast or bottle is the best option, whatever you decide your baby will be fine.

To the Mummy who is severely sleep deprived, things will get easier! You’ll come through it, your baby will start sleeping more, and you’ll look back on these times as a distant memory.

To the Mummy who has so many fears or worries about her new bundle of joy, these will keep coming but you will learn how to deal with them. You’ll learn to give these fears to God and trust Him with your most precious treasure.

To the Mummy who struggles not having a routine now she’s not at work, you’ll find a new one.

To the Mummy who has gone back to work and is nervous leaving her baby for the first time, they’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, and they will still know you love them.

To the Mummy who misses her job satisfaction, or security or the mental stimulation that went with it, it’s ok, but know that you are learning this new massive role called motherhood and you will grow in it. You’ll love it, and you’ll find your feet in it, whatever that ends up looking like.

To the Mummy who can’t seem to get everything organised in order to leave the house on time, you will! You’ll learn the essentials you need to take out for your new baby like it’s second nature.

To the Mummy who feels like she is doing everything wrong, just look at this little bundle of joy you created. Remember they don’t need a perfect mum but one that adores them and tries her best.

To the Mummy that feels overwhelmed with guilt, give yourself a break.

To the Mummy concerned with what’s the best course of action to take in parenting, be it in weaning, or feeding, or sleep training, or discipline, you’ll talk to mums, learn from them, try things out, some will work well, some less so, but you’ll learn through your successes and mistakes and your gorgeous baby will still be ok, because they are loved beyond belief.

To the Mummy that feels alone, you’re not. Whatever you’re feeling, experiencing or worrying about, other mums before you will have gone through those same things, and come out the other side.

To the Mummy who needs more friends, you’ll make them!

To the Mummy who just needs to know it will be ok, it will.

Because Motherhood, like every job, is a massive learning curve. We don’t walk into perfect, and we won’t walk out of it perfect, but we do learn and grow daily in experience, knowledge and confidence. You’ll look back in a few months and smile at the ways you were hard on yourself, or your feelings of uncertainty. But when we get to that place , there will be new challenges, new struggles, new questions. But know this, you were enough for them then, and you are enough for them now. You aren’t perfect, you won’t get it all right, but you are enough. And whilst we learn, what is probably the hardest role we will ever undertake, there is grace. Grace from God who guides us, watches over our children and strengthens us as we continue in this privilege.

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