10 Things You Might Not Know Before Children

Before I had my son I thought I was pretty experienced when it came to young children. I’d worked in church crèche for many years, spent loads of time with my niece and nephew and changed countless nappies, what could possibly be a surprise? Here’s ten things I didn’t get before I became a stay at home mummy:

Your new must have accessory
your new must have accessory
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  1. Baby poo has an ability to defy the laws of gravity – if you smell it, change it instantly! Otherwise you will be amazed just how far it can travel. We once set off on a long journey and smelt something bad. We pulled into a lay-by to change Jonas and I’m not exaggerating when I say it had spread up his back and onto his arms… seriously, how is this even possible?

  3. Don’t make comments like, ‘I’ll never do this as a mum’. I used to be very black and white… much less so now! Before having Jonas I said to my manager at the time ‘we will never use a dummy’. Well, we did! There were reasons (in this case, colic) and you do things you never thought you would

  5. Surely the whole world should know not to ring the doorbell or phone you between the hours of 12 and 3pm, it’s NAP TIME! The most sacred time of day. I literally shudder when the phone rings during nap time as any second later, nap time is over

  7. Infacol is a miracle worker, if your baby has colic, you’ll understand

  9. Baby wipes will become your new best friend. I actually think I’ll probably still carry them in my handbag even after children as they’re so useful. I frequently use them for cleaning faces, hands, the floor, the oven… seriously, they’re great

  11. You’ll find yourself singing nursery rhymes, swaying, or pointing out trains, planes or trucks even when you are not with your baby, it’s part of the job

  13. Your idea of a fun night might be getting your jammies on with a glass of wine, chocolate and bed by 10pm

  15. You’ll learn things about yourself you didn’t know before, your weaknesses, strengths and passions

  17. A changing bag might become your new must have accessory but I warn you now, they’re not cheap! I do frequently wonder how I ever used to fill a handbag. Now it’s a phone, lipgloss and a hairbrush and I’m set to go

  19. You’ll laugh more than ever before, probably cry more than ever before, be exhausted, worry, stress, but you wouldn’t swap it for the world. Because when that bundle of joy cuddles you, or smiles, or says something in their own little funny way, it’s incredible!

What have you learnt since having children that you didn’t know before? Did anything shock or surprise you? What useful tips do you have for new mums?

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