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Protect them
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Insult me and I’m not too happy about it but I’m a grown girl, I can take it but insult my children and you’re in trouble. You know what I’m talking about right. It makes me smile, us mummies can be so calm and gentle until someone comes after our children and it’s like something happens to us, this protection comes out and we can almost become fierce! You don’t mess with our babies, now it’s personal!

There have been a couple of instances I can recall over the last few years when I feel people have stepped out of place with my children; told them off when they shouldn’t, given them certain instructions that just aren’t what we teach in our family. There was the time I gave my little boy his bucket and spade and watched as he innocently tottered off to play in the sandpit. A mum came over to him and started pulling the bucket off him and telling him off for taking her son’s bucket. I quickly walked over whilst I tried to stop that overprotective fierce mother nature spilling out of me and politely but firmly told her that this was my son’s bucket and then pointed out that her sons’ was on the floor next to him.  I felt somehow offended by her; she upset my son, I fought back the urge of shouting ‘back off lady, he’s done nothing wrong!’ It’s that motherly protection: we fight for those we love.

But sometimes the battles we face aren’t just from those around us, sometimes they can be far greater.

When there is a battle aimed AT them we need to stand and fight FOR them!

Over the last year and a half my son has battled a health condition which has been tremendously hard for him. It has affected him in so many ways and has impacted our family. It’s nothing serious but it has been a hard year. We have prayed more times than I could recount but something has happened to me over the last few months. It’s like this anger at the enemy has risen inside me. I believe this health issue is a direct attack from the devil and it’s not aimed at me, but my boy. I’ve faced battles like this in my life so I have learnt how to walk through them but when it happens to my child, my precious boy, now it’s personal, now I’m angry! Now I’m fighting on behalf of the one I love.

Somewhere along this long journey that has affected our family in many ways I have realised something.  Something that I knew but I guess it hadn’t quite hit home. When it comes to our children we as parents have authority over them and this includes spiritual authority! When there is a battle aimed AT them we need to stand and fight FOR them! Their battle must become ours.

The way we pray matters. The words we speak matter. Every time we speak words they will either reinforce what the enemy is trying to do, or they will connect with the powerful promises of our Heavenly Father and somehow enable those promises to have the power in our lives that they should.

We need to prophesy over our children God’s truth until it becomes their new reality.

When I was with friends I would tell them all about our situation, one that to be honest was incredibly hard for my boy and for us. I would explain in detail what we were facing, it was hard and I wanted those close to me to know. But I suddenly saw things in a new light. Every time I spoke words of negativity it was as if I was giving the enemy another opportunity in which to impact our family. I was connecting with his lies, in some way almost agreeing with them. Our situation may seem hard, in fact, it may have been an incredibly difficult journey over the last year and a half but the promises of God are still true and somewhere in our current reality, however hard, we need to prophesy over our children God’s truth until it becomes their new reality.

We’ve been doing this over the last month. We have prophesied over our son what God has promised. Thanked Him for healing our son. Speaking in faith what we see in the Bible until we see it in reality and you know what, this month has been incredible. Our son has improved drastically in more ways that I could possibly say. The transformation is amazing. A sudden change after a year and half of things being difficult. It has been a hard journey but I think me and Alan have learnt more than ever before about fighting for our children.

Like it or not we (and they) are in a battle (you can read more about it here) and we need to fight for those we love.

I love to hear from my readers. Have you experienced this kind of thing? Have you seen your breakthrough yet? If not, it’s on its way! Start prophesying over your children what God has already promised them!

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