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My name’s Kate. Over six years ago I became a mummy. My life massively changed! I left my career, fell madly in love and started the biggest learning curve of my life.
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Mon 20 April 2015
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Whats My Purpose

Do you ever feel lacking in purpose in motherhood? Like you're not achieving anything of worth by being at home with your children and you're just filling time? Stay at home mums and working mums alike, we all spend time with our children and yet it can be easy to see this time as menial.

Mon 16 February 2015
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Tags: Able, Achieve, Believe, Bible, Children, Early, Enjoy, Give, God, Incredible, Love, Parenting, Pray, Trying, Wisdom, Work

Enjoying my role

After recently sharing another bloggers post on a similar subject line which received mixed feedback, I decided to write my own post on this topic.

Mon 26 January 2015
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What are you judging?

Isn't it so easy to judge other mums? Doesn't it sometimes seem so natural to look at how they do it, and compare. To make some sort of estimation of their parenting in a moment of observation. But don't we all hate being on the receiving end of this?

Tue 06 January 2015
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Tags: Able, Achieve, Ask, Children, Easy, Fear, Give, God, Love, Natural, Work

Every step counts

Do you ever make time to reflect? To stop and think about the year you've had. The pitfalls, the successes, the lessons learnt? It can be easy just to get caught up in life, the busyness, the stresses and the joys that we can just get carried along, without giving much thought to where we've come from or more importantly, where we're going. But if we ever want to achieve our goals, ...

Wed 10 December 2014
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Tags: Achieve, Ask, God, Honest, Love, Pray, Season, Wisdom

Rest Here

About a year ago I started feeling extremely tired, more than that, exhausted. My son was sleeping brilliantly and had been for months, but I felt exhausted. I would sleep well and wake up tired. I would do things in the day and by the time I got home at lunchtime to put Jonas down for his nap, I would struggle to muster up the energy to walk up the stairs, let alone do any of the chores I needed ...

Tue 30 September 2014
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Tags: Achieve, Ask, Desperate, Easy, Enjoy, Give, God, Honest, Love, Trying, Work

Tired Mummy

I don't think I used to fully appreciate the true value or meaning of rest before I had Jonas. I enjoyed it, but I didn't realise how important it was, until it became such a rarity. If you're a mum, you will probably agree that since having your gorgeous baby (or babies!) finding time to stop, or relax, or time for yourself, or even time to sleep can seem at best difficult or at worst impossible.

Mon 22 September 2014
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Before I became a mummy I loved my career, I loved my job and the satisfaction that came from completing massive projects, or the sense of achievement from getting that promotion. I had worked hard to get to the place. Yet I left. This was not because I have no ambition when it comes to career. Not because it was an easy option. Not because I just didn’t have to work financially. But because we ...

Mon 15 September 2014
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Tags: Able, Achieve, Ask, Believe, Challenged, Easy, Enjoy, God, Guess, Love, Pray, Trying, Wisdom, Work

Running Away!

Let me set the scene for you. My son throws something on the floor, I calmly and casually ask him to pick it up. He says 'No'! I ask him again, this time sounding slightly more firm but still fairly laid back. He says 'No' again. I then tell him sternly to pick it up. Guess what he says, 'No'! I then loudly tell him to pick it up before he decides to run into another room. Never one to back down ...

Mon 08 September 2014
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Before Children

This is what a normal day in our household looks like. Jonas wakes up, if I'm organised enough I will have woken up before him to shower and get myself ready. I put him on the potty (and continue to do so regularly for the rest of the day), get him dressed, we go downstairs, I make him breakfast. I wash up all the dummies and beakers he used last night. I empty the dishwasher, and then load it, ...

Wed 13 August 2014
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Tags: Able, Achieve, Ask, Challenged, Father, Give, God, Love, Relationship, Trying, Work

Quietened In Love

I was recently struck by something as I was disciplining my son. I asked Jonas to do something, he didn't want to and refused. I asked him again, he refused again, and then what followed was a five-minute tantrum, kicking and screaming on the floor. I have learnt with my boy there is little point trying to reason with him whilst he is in the middle of a full-blown tantrum, so I give him space to ...

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