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My name’s Kate. Over six years ago I became a mummy. My life massively changed! I left my career, fell madly in love and started the biggest learning curve of my life.
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Wed 01 March 2017
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There's a room in our house which has to be my favourite, we call it our snug. It used to be a dining room, then a TV room, and now it just has two chairs and a bookcase in it. It almost feels like this room has no purpose and yet I love to be in it. It's one of the warmest and quietest rooms and it's the place I go when I want to sit and read, or pray, or worship Jesus. I love this room, just me ...

Wed 08 February 2017
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Happy future

Life can be busy. No doubt about that. I don't know your story but I know mine. Family health issues, busyness around the home, general commitments and a constant battle to try and squeeze in time for so many things that seem important. Our days can be so cram packed that at the end of it all, we can look back and realise we haven't even uttered a single prayer for our kids. It doesn't matter you ...

Sat 10 December 2016
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I can vividly remember the scene; I'll never forget it, it was the first time. I was at Primary school and in the library. Myself and one of my best friends had just had an argument and as young children tend to be over their temporarily broken friendships, in that moment I felt devastated.

Sun 26 July 2015
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Bedtime story

I love bedtime with my son. Not because he goes to sleep and mummy gets a break (although that is always nice!), but because I believe it's a massively important part of the day and one that could so easily be overlooked in the rush to get the lights out. The question is are we using this time to really impact our children or is this just a quick kiss goodnight before we rush ...

Mon 18 May 2015
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What I Wish I Knew Then

I'll never forget that first time we brought our son home from hospital when he was just two days old. To be honest we probably left prematurely. I felt sick and in pain the whole journey home and yet I sat in the backseat of our little car just to keep a close eye on my beautiful boy, to check he was still breathing. I'd been around children for years, so felt like motherhood would be easy, but ...

Mon 13 April 2015
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I wonder right now how many people have lost hope. Perhaps you've been through something awful, maybe there's something you're pursuing that hasn't yet turned out as you wanted, or maybe you're just disappointed. Disappointed by life, let down by the way some things have turned out and feeling hopeless. What can you do?

Mon 16 March 2015
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Becoming a mum is quite possibly one of the biggest life changes we can go through, your time is no longer your own and there are constant demands. If you're a believer in Jesus then I'm sure you'll agree making time for God is important, but how do you prioritise God amongst the necessary demands of motherhood and seemingly endless chores? How do you find time when your energy ...

Mon 16 February 2015
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Enjoying my role

After recently sharing another bloggers post on a similar subject line which received mixed feedback, I decided to write my own post on this topic.

Wed 10 December 2014
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Rest Here

About a year ago I started feeling extremely tired, more than that, exhausted. My son was sleeping brilliantly and had been for months, but I felt exhausted. I would sleep well and wake up tired. I would do things in the day and by the time I got home at lunchtime to put Jonas down for his nap, I would struggle to muster up the energy to walk up the stairs, let alone do any of the chores I needed ...

Tue 02 December 2014
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It's your choice

You wouldn't believe the things that have broken in our house over the last few months. First our little car massively failed it's MOT and would have cost more to fix than it was worth, so we needed a new one. Then our washing machine broke, then the oven. Also my hairdryer, kitchen scales and the kettle, and no I'm not exaggerating. Then to top it all off, we have had problems with our electrics ...

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