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My name’s Kate. Over six years ago I became a mummy. My life massively changed! I left my career, fell madly in love and started the biggest learning curve of my life.
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Mon 18 May 2015
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What I Wish I Knew Then

I'll never forget that first time we brought our son home from hospital when he was just two days old. To be honest we probably left prematurely. I felt sick and in pain the whole journey home and yet I sat in the backseat of our little car just to keep a close eye on my beautiful boy, to check he was still breathing. I'd been around children for years, so felt like motherhood would be easy, but ...

Mon 16 February 2015
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Enjoying my role

After recently sharing another bloggers post on a similar subject line which received mixed feedback, I decided to write my own post on this topic.

Wed 10 December 2014
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Rest Here

About a year ago I started feeling extremely tired, more than that, exhausted. My son was sleeping brilliantly and had been for months, but I felt exhausted. I would sleep well and wake up tired. I would do things in the day and by the time I got home at lunchtime to put Jonas down for his nap, I would struggle to muster up the energy to walk up the stairs, let alone do any of the chores I needed ...

Tue 02 December 2014
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It's your choice

You wouldn't believe the things that have broken in our house over the last few months. First our little car massively failed it's MOT and would have cost more to fix than it was worth, so we needed a new one. Then our washing machine broke, then the oven. Also my hairdryer, kitchen scales and the kettle, and no I'm not exaggerating. Then to top it all off, we have had problems with our electrics ...

Mon 13 October 2014
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Tags: Ask, Bible, Children, Father, Fear, Give, God, Honest, Incredible, Love, Parenting, Pray, Wisdom

Jump For Joy

When I had my son, it was incredible. Nothing can prepare you for just how much you will love this little bundle of joy. But there was something else I hadn't prepared for. Something I hadn't been expecting. FEAR.

Mon 15 September 2014
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Running Away!

Let me set the scene for you. My son throws something on the floor, I calmly and casually ask him to pick it up. He says 'No'! I ask him again, this time sounding slightly more firm but still fairly laid back. He says 'No' again. I then tell him sternly to pick it up. Guess what he says, 'No'! I then loudly tell him to pick it up before he decides to run into another room. Never one to back down ...

Mon 18 August 2014
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Light in the Dark

Are you having a hard time right now? Maybe things are difficult? Maybe you have gone through something really tough. Maybe you're scared, or disappointed. You wonder why you have gone through some things. You question, will things get better? Let me tell you right now, YES! God is a restoring God, and he never leaves us in difficult things, His purpose is always to lead us through things and on ...

Mon 14 July 2014
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Prayer Hands

Jesus. I’m intrigued how many people click on this post! Will the title draw you in, intrigue you, or put you off reading? I guess I’ll see the answer when I see the number of readers! But one thing I know to be true, how ever many posts about parenting I have done so far, and how ever many I will do, it doesn’t matter whether they are about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, potty training, ...

Mon 07 July 2014
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For some reason there is this part of me that wants to appear totally in control around health visitors, like they are judging every aspect of my parenting in that two-minute appointment and so everything needs to go smoothly! Well, not on this occasion! Jonas was about six months old and I had taken him to get weighed. I had accidentally ordered pull up nappies on the online shop and this was ...

Mon 09 June 2014
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Tags: Ask, Believe, Children, Desperate, Father, Give, God, Guess, Honest, Love, Parenting, Pray, Wisdom, Work

Help Me

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a parent? I know I have! There have been many times that I have desperately needed a situation resolved, like the time when he was still waking five times a night at eight months. Or the times that until he was about five months he didn’t consistently sleep in the day. Or there's been times I’ve felt overwhelmed by different advice on feeding techniques, or ...

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