Don’t Lose Yourself In Motherhood

As I write this my son’s at Playschool. I’m sat here with a cuppa and cheeky piece of chocolate cake and actually getting time to sit and write, something I love and I’ll be honest, I feel energised. Getting time to myself isn’t something I have a lot of chance to do and yet I’m starting to realise just how important it is.

Photo credit: Jonathan Emmanuel Flores Tarello

Isn’t funny how in motherhood we can be so drained. Our time is no longer our own and our little ones of course take priority. But along with this can come physical exhaustion, tiredness and just a seemingly never-ending list of jobs. You would think that despite the time constraints we would still have the mental capacity to conquer the world and yet sometimes we can feel so drained that we have little energy to think of anything other than our little ones, our long list of jobs and when we can next grab a sleep.

But there’s something about grabbing even 30 minutes undisturbed that can work wonders. Right now I know my son is in safe hands. I have nothing that I need to do other than just be. Actually lets rephrase that, there are multiple jobs round the house that I could do, but this is my time and I’m allowed to be selfish. I’m allowed to take time when I can spend it on something that I enjoy. To refocus. To be creative. To create something. To be me – the me I was before I had my son, the me that still exists even when the demands of motherhood are high.

There’s no doubt that motherhood is incredible but lets not allow ourselves to be so consumed in it that we forget who we are or our other passions. Lets remember that amongst the everyday chores around the house, and the essential parts of loving and raising our children, it’s also ok to grab time for us. More than that, it’s vital! When we become mothers we often change, but we don’t need to lose who we once were.

Maybe you’re a stay at home mum, maybe you work in part of full-time capacity, but whatever path of motherhood you’ve chosen, make sure you still grab time amongst those joys of motherhood to also remember the joys of being who you are, and doing what you love to do – just for you. x

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