The Difference A Year Makes

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Isn’t it funny how things can change. How we can go from a place of fear to a place of faith without really noticing it even happening. How we can long desperately for something and it feel so distant and then suddenly find ourselves with the very thing we’ve longed for without really giving it a second thought.

We’ve spent the last week in Spain visiting my sister. For the last few years this has been our summer tradition and so every year we come I find myself naturally thinking of how things were the previous year. This year marks a biggy for us. This is our last summer holiday as a family of three before very soon becoming four. I can’t help but remember how different things were a year ago.

You see last summer we’d had our gorgeous son for two years. Two years was always the kind of age gap we had wanted and expected between our children. And yet two years ago, quite honestly I wasn’t ready. We discussed it, but it didn’t feel the right time, and because of a fairly traumatic start with my first labour, the thought of doing it again  although it was something I knew I would do, kind of scared me.

Well a year on from that point and I can honestly say any fears I had have been completely replaced with faith and a confidence in the promises of God. This is something only God has done. This is something a year ago I knew had to happen but honestly didn’t know how it would. One year on I see God’s hand over so many things that have brought us to this place.

Over this last year I’ve learnt something that I always knew, but it has become an assurance. More than just knowledge, a certainty. I’ve learnt to trust God. This sounds so simple doesn’t it. I’ve always known I could trust God and yet now I really know it. I know it to my core. Before my heart might have questioned ‘what if’. What if God doesn’t come through, what if things don’t work out, but now I know they will.

But I’ve learnt something else. It’s very easy to look at others who have been through a similar situation to ours and compare. To consider how things didn’t work out so well for them and so think they might not for me. This is dangerous. If we are comparing our situation to someone else’s in order to find peace or certainty it’s a dangerous place to be. There is only one place to make comparison and that’s the Bible. What’s my situation, what does it say in the Bible about it, well there’s my answer. There’s my assurance. It’s that simple.

If we are comparing our situation to someone else’s in order to find peace or certainty it’s a dangerous place to be. There is only one place to make comparison and that’s the Bible.

This has brought me through so many fears into a place of faith over this last year. When it took longer to conceive than we expected I looked at what God had to say, rather than what was happening to others in a similar boat. When we experienced multiple occurrences of bleeding in pregnancy I didn’t google what it could mean, I looked at what God said. With previous fears over the next experience of child birth, I am no longer looking with any uncertainty, but a complete confidence in the promises of God. This is the difference in a year. This is the difference only God makes.

Today perhaps you have concerns that need settling, fears that need resolving, or promises you are waiting for. Know this, as you lean into Him, reading what He has to say, listening to and following His promptings, you can be certain these things will change. Don’t look to others and compare their situation with yours. Don’t allow yourself to feel despondent if someone else’s situation hasn’t changed. Look only to Him, for there is your peace. And just look expectantly to see the difference God can make in the next year!

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