Are We Really Protecting Our Children?

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As parents a very real part of our role is to protect our children. We hold their hands when crossing roads until they have safely learnt to do it themselves. We watch the things they have access to until they can be trusted not to put little toys in their mouths. This comes naturally, but is this enough? Are we protecting them from unseen dangers?

We have a duty as parents to do all we can to protect our children. We all do right? But what if there is an unseen very real danger. What if it’s lurking right in front of you and to be blasé about it is almost the same as simply turning a blind eye.

If you believe in God I’m guessing you’ll also believe there is a very real enemy, the devil. But are you aware of his schemes. Are you guarding your family from his attempts at impacting, pressuring and pulling your children away from their purpose and destiny? And are you aware why these ‘attacks’ or hardships your child is suffering from have much more to do with a goal of destroying the incredible plans God has for you and your family than you might even realise.

When it comes to the goal of the devil the Bible is very clear:

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.

– John 10:10

It’s my opinion that the devil is pretty purposeful in how he attacks us. I think he makes no mistake about attacking our children. Why? Bring harm, fear and pain to our children and we as parents are impacted most. Impact and cause stress amongst parents and it can put pressure on a marriage. Cause problems in a marriage and you impact a church. Impact a church and you start to impact a whole nation.

So you see suddenly it isn’t just about that illness your child is suffering from. Not simply to do with the problems they’re experiencing at school. No the enemy is not only after stealing from and destroying something in the life of your child, but also has his eye on much greater goals. He wants to take from your marriage. Wants to stop you from ever achieving those incredible plans God has purposed for you since the beginning of time.

We are in a very real battle. We can’t ignore it. It’s our duty to be watchful, aware and proactive in protecting our children, our families, and God’s call over our and their lives.

We have authority over our children, let’s not forget that. It’s our duty to pray for them. No, actually it’s more than just praying, it’s our job to speak the promises of God over them until we see them fulfilled in their lives.

“The enemy does not attack you according to your history. He attacks you according to your destiny”

– Lisa Bevere

So often I’ve heard stories of people being attacked, criticised, or impacted in an area of their lives that is exactly where their calling is. The enemy makes no bones about trying to stop us in our tracks before we ever step out into the plans God has for us. He purposely tries to stop you and your children from fulfilling their God-given destiny. It’s the preacher to thousands getting throat cancer. He tries to stop her talking. It’s the lady who will go on to speak to thousands from a platform being criticised and laughed at at school so she has a fear of public speaking. He tries to stop her from ever stepping out. It’s the mummy being bombarded with guilt on a daily basis until she feels utterly inadequate. He makes you feel you’re no good, so you live in shame and fear rather than peace and joy.

The enemy not only tries to stop you from ever achieving the plans God has for your life, but also from ever daring to dream about them. He brings fear, bondage and lies to stop you before you ever step out.

Ring true for you? I can see it in my own life. Lies I heard and learnt to believe when at primary school. Things that had I not recognised, could so easily stop me from ever stepping into those things I know God wants me to do.

It’s our duty as parents to guard our children from this. To pray over them. To declare the promises of God over them. To speak truth into their hearts so much so that when they hear lies that try to make them feel insecure, unworthy, afraid, unloved or ashamed (and they will) they will know in that moment who they are.

My prayer for my children right now is this:

May they know who they are, because they know whose they are!

Don’t allow the enemy to play with your children. Be watchful over them and sow truth into their little hearts before the enemy even has chance to sow lies. Pray over them diligently and they will reap the rewards.

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